Hand Painted Saints

Each statue is hand cast from classic Catholic moulds and hand painted in the Italian Renaissance style, using centuries old recipes for the tempera based gouache paint and aging glazes.  The gilded ornamentation is achieved by applying  loose gold leaf sheets to the surface of the statue, using the same techniques developed by skilled artisans hundreds of years ago. This gives the piece an added warm decorative illumination.  The effect of these traditional recipes and classical methods, combined with the spirit of the saint, gives the statue a remarkable aged patina and one of a kind beauty. 

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The hand painted Saints on this page can be ordered directly from Chris at Chris Hart Studio. If you don't find a specific Saint please inquire. Our castings are too numerous to show all of them.

 Chris may be contacted at: 

Phone: (541) 479-6568

 Fax:     (541) 479-8192 

 Email  at   chris@chrishartstudio.com

Note: Prices do not include packing and shipping

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Mary of the Immaculate Conception Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of Lourdes
26" Tall 38" Tall 20" Tall 32" Tall
Retail Price $175.00 Retail Price $368.00 Retail Price $145.00 Retail Price $225.00











Mary of the Mystical Rose Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Our Lady of Fatima Saint Rita
20" Tall 20" Tall 18" Tall 16" Tall
Retail Price  $145.00 Retail Price  $145.00 Retail Price  $145.00 Retail Price $145.00