Fly Fishing



Chris Hart has preserved the essence of fly fishing with wall hangings of the classic hand tied fishing flies and images of fishing scenes found along the river near her studio. Some samples of this art are found on this page and are available at the studio

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The Fly                                                                                               


A single fly displayed in a wall hanging, an ideal gift for the fisherman. The weathered wood frame lends authenticity to this treasure.

A wall hanging that centers your attention on  the fishing fly. A large assortment of mounted and framed fishing flies are available. Ask Chris about  your favorite one.

The fly, hand tied by those who know and understand the art of fly fishing. This one is a classic. Do you know what it's called?














 The Fisherman                                                                                





















A fisherman silhouetted against the evening light, preparing his line for the next cast into the river. This is a typical scene you may encounter along the Rogue River, captured in a portrait you can find at Chris Hart Studio.














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The solitary fisherman, casting his line into the river in hope of catching the "Big One". The image is another scene, framed and available for those souls who cherish the special moments spent on the river.